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We provide a full electrical installations conditions report (EICR) for commercial, industrial and residential buildings.

Routine inspections enable you to provide a safe workplace for your staff and onsite visitors. Legislations require that all electrical installations are to be maintained and comply with the latest safety regulations, they must be periodically inspected every 3 years for industrial premises and every 5 years for commercial e.g. shops, offices, retail premises. The inspection takes into account all relevant tests and checks on :

  • The function of switches, sockets, and all lighting fittings, and will highlight anything that may need replacing due to age related wear and tear or to bring up to date with today’s health and safety regulations.
  • Suitability of switch and control gear. E.g. old fuse board that don’t comply with current regulation, cast iron switches and round pin sockets.
  • Confirm appropriate wiring systems are being used and are up to date with today’s regulations.
  • Presence and condition of bonding and earthing systems.
  • Circuit loads and ensuring that the correct circuit breakers are in place and doing their job.

A periodic inspection will reveal any: • Fire hazard risks • Electric shock risks • Lack of earthing or bonding • Defected electrical work.

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